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At Car Cosmetics, we have a dedicated team to provide professional exterior bodywork detailing services.

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Restore the look of your car

You can trust the experts at Car Cosmetics to remove any chips and scratches to the paintwork of your car. We have a wealth of experience carrying out paintwork corrections and are well-placed to provide you with a quality service that is second to none.

If your car doesn’t need a full restoration service, we are happy to tailor our services to your individual requirements. We have many happy clients from across Guildford, Aldershot and Fleet.

Our paint protection packages include:

  • Vehicle wash
  • Paint decontamination
  • Complete paint correction
  • Application of a nano ceramic coating to paintwork, Including chrome trims, plastic and glass
  • Alloy wheel ceramic coating

Paint correction packages

What happens on a protection package?

When your car comes to my studio it will undergo an exterior deep clean to remove all contaminants and any waxes or oils , stripping the paint back to its natural state , I then begin to work through it panel by panel cutting back and restoring the paint work to brand new depending on the selected package or agreed work and time allocated.

Once the initial time or work is completed I will then give it one final clean and inspection before a protection is laid down to aid keeping the paint In top condition.

I offer aftercare products designed to help you maintain the paintwork and offer a mobile valeting service to help the upkeep.

One day enhancement package £300

Great for winter, Finish lasts for up to two years

  1. Pre rinse to remove most heavy soiling
  2. A full vehicle iron fall out and removal on body and wheels
  3. Second rinse
  4. Snow foam bath
  5. Third rinse
  6. Two bucket wash method to remove any excess dirt
  7. Window sills and badges cleaned
  8. Door shuts cleaned
  9. Fourth rinse
  10. Wheel faces and wheel wells iron removal and rinse also brush cleaned
  11. Tar removal phase
  12. Clay barred
  13. Air/ blower dry then towel dried to finish off
  14. Light interior hoover
  15. Interior and exterior glass/ mirrors cleaned
  16. Plastics cleaned and dressed
  17. Apple bomb deodorized
  18. Light engine bay clean using dry steam
  19. A light soft machine polish to smooth and enhance paint work
  20. Sealed with ceramic x super slick sealant paint protection (upto 24 months protection)
  21. Tyre walls dressed in ceramic x tyre and trim dress.

Two day enhancement and correction £500 – £650

All the same as above to prepare the vehicle

10 hours of machine polishing using various cutting and correction techniques to remove swirls, reduce deep scratches and fully enhance the paint work to a very high class finish.

Then the paintwork on the body and wheel faces is coated in our 3 year ceramic coating, its infra-red baked onto the car creating an outstanding protection.

This two day package will restore your car to a very high finish offering a good 70% to 90% correction just depending on the condition, age and type of vehicle.

If you would like your car restored to show level or want it 100 percent corrected please call me or arrange an appointment to have it fully inspected so I can give you a precise quote. I offer wet sanding services also charged at an hourly rate.

Other services we offer

Wheels off hand polished and ceramic coated (12 months) coating. £100.00
Glass coating all around vehicle (12 to 24 months) £60.00
Full interior deep cleaning and protection to leather, plastic and fabric £100.00
Interior plastic protection Ask for details
Interior plastic protection ask for details.
Engine Bay detail
£45 per hour (tbc on condition.)

Important information about our Paint Correction packages

Please be aware that machine polishing is carried out using various cutting techniques compounds and pads that all work differently on each vehicles different paint types.

Manufacturers all use different lacquers that produce different hardness and this also in turn can affect the ceramic toughness, 9h to 10h is expected .

This will also affect the final results based on a two day package and extra time can be given at a discounted hourly rate if asked for.

Also be aware that any previous coating will instantly have an effect on the job. For example I have removed previous coatings and it’s taken three days . Then I spend another two restoring and recoating the car.

Guide to lacquer hardness examples from experience.

Porsche, Land Rover – Soft paints
BMW, Audi, VW, Ford – Medium paints
Mercedes – rock solid paint , the older it is, the harder it is!


A test patch will be carried out to confirm this on arrival, 10 minutes while you wait.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on 

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Quality ceramic coating to protect your car paint. Call us now on

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Read our reviews

"Had my car fully detailed followed by a ceramic coating which is unreal. My car has never looked so good, and Jamie the owner could not be anymore helpful and went out of his way to make everything great on the car. Great guy, great business. Trust me go see them for any of your car needs"

ColinE55 - Review from - 2nd Jul 2018

"Car cosmetics was absolutely fantastic. Friendly customer service, extremely good price and TOP quality job!

Not only did Jamie and his colleague spruce up my car to perfection they got me out of a tough spot and saved me ALOT of money when the time came to trade my car back in.

Previous quotes were ranging between £1500 and £3000 for the body work (scuffs, my car got keyed, and I had cracked the bumper pretty bad). Jamie was so honest with the pricing and explained everything to me on what the cost would be individually so I can make my own assessment on what I would like and could afford to do. The whole car ended up being spruced up for a fraction of the price on the other quotes (below £500!) I would recommend car cosmetics time and time again. The work was exceptional, the team was so honest and friendly and the price could not be beaten! Very grateful!"

JaedC - Review from - 22nd May 2018

"Jamie at Car Cosmetics came out to me to detail and Ceramic coat my mk1 Escort. After recently have a full respray I never thought it would ever look any better than it was. How wrong I was, I think it looks even better than the day it was built. Every credit to what Jamie can do."

PaulJ-1126 - Review from - 21st June 2018

"Jamie came to refinish my alloy wheels on my Kia Sportage this week and I am so pleased with the results!
Jamie was extremely conscientious, explained exactly what he was doing throughout the process and delivered an amazing job.
You could tell he took great pride in his work and I think he was extremely fair with his charges.
Great value for money......I would highly recommend :)"

ZoeM-103 - Review from - 25th June 2018

"Had my car fully detailed followed by a ceramic coating which is unreal. My car has never looked so good, and Jamie the owner could not be anymore helpful and went out of his way to make everything great on the car. Great guy, great business. Trust me go see them for any of your car needs"

ColinE55 - Review from - 2nd Jul 2018

"After upgrading to a BMW X5 in December we have had nothing but problems with it, I had just about enough of it and lost all love for it!! The day after finally getting all the warning lights out it was sent to Jamie lunn at car cosmetics pearl nano uk, it had a full 9 hour detail & pearl ceramic coating. I can not even express how amazed I am with the result!! It’s a 2006 model but looks like it’s brand new. I was kept updated with each stage of the process throughout the day, Jamie was very professional and everything was explained to me without pressure to buy before hand. It was very easy to sense he has a real passion for his work and new our car would be in safe hands. Thanks to the hard work of CAR Cosmetics pearl nano uk I have fallen back in love with this car, it’s made all the tears and stress 100% worth it! I can now say I feel proud to own my car and look forward to showing it off."

SianA - Review from - 14th May 2018


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